9 Great Websites to Analyze Your Spotify Listening Habits

Are you curious about your listening habits on Spotify? Do you want to know how mainstream or how interesting your music tastes are, or do you need help cleaning up your playlists by getting useful insights about the tracks you focus on?

You can do all that and much more with some fantastic websites and apps designed primarily to give you deep insight into your Spotify listening behavior.

While the famous track-streaming provider already has a bunch of private information collected in its annual Spotify Wrapped Mail, you might need some additional information.

When did you upload that particular track to your playlist? What is the release date of your favorite tracks? How many artists and unique genres do you focus on? If you feel like this is something you are probably interested in, read on!

Here is a list of 15 great websites where you can examine your Spotify listening habits.

1. Obscurify

How does your taste in music compare to other customers? Are you a mainstream or area-of-interest type?

Obscurify in Spotify Listening

Obscurify analyzes the popularity of your favorite artists and compares your rating with that of other customers in your area. It also provides a ranking of your favorite genres.

Moreover, this high-quality website can create a playlist of your favorite tracks and routinely add them to your library. This is a great help when you just run out of ideas!

2. Skiley

Skiley in Spotify Listening

If you want more than just statistics? What if you want real help cleaning up your favorite songs and playlists?

Skiley is an imaginative app that collects statistics about your listening habits, manages your playlist based on artists, styles, beats by the minute, or moods, shows you new tracks that match your musical tastes, and shows you other valuable statistics along with song lyrics and translations.

This is a single platform for all your musical needs!

3. Sort Your Music

This website is another high-quality tool to compile your playlists based on tempo, volume, danceability, popularity, and other attributes.

SortYourMusic in Spotify Listening

The list of acoustic attributes by which you can sort your tracks is quite extraordinary and is constantly expanding.

Sort Your Music can be a valuable tool for special activities or parties, since you can order your playlists earlier and simply enjoy the tracks when the night falls.

4. Spotify Charts

If you want to know what to focus on next, put your listening data aside and check out Spotify Charts, a website that shows you the most played songs on the platform.

Spotify Charts in Spotify Listening
Spotify Charts

You can look at both the Top200 and Viral50 and evaluate the results based on range and timeline. You can even load the information into a CSV file. Convenient!

It also has a feature that lets you narrow down your top tracks locally or globally, depending on what you need at the moment.

5. Visualize

This app provides you with your best tracks and artists organized by month, year, and time in a visually appealing and simple way. You sign in with your Spotify account and allow the app to access your recordings and listening history.

Visualize in Spotify Listening

The app is best if you do not need all the technical elements of your information, but still want an overview of how your music tastes have evolved over time.

Unlike most of the apps and structures in this list, this app is amazing all things considered, and works with a trustworthy device and ease of use.

6. Last.fm

When you connect your Spotify account to a Last.FM account, you have access to a variety of useful statistics about your listening habits and can compare them to those of hundreds of other customers.

Last.fm in Spotify Listening

The site also offers specific charts and lets you discover new artists based on their style or mood. You’ll also be able to search by specific regions and international locations, to find the most popular songs in those regions.

Finally, Last.fm has a list of the most famous songs that are currently hot, to make it easier to find the most famous songs at the moment.

7. Statistics for Spotify

This website offers you very detailed information about your listening habits.

As soon as you log in, you’ll see an intuitive distribution chart that lists all the artists you have paid attention to, with the percentage of time you have devoted to each one.

Statistics for Spotify in Spotify Listening
Statistics for Spotify

There is also an exciting phase in which some “short facts” are shown, such as the usual duration and tempo of the tracks you have chosen, and the release date of the latest and the oldest of your favorite songs.

The Timeline phase gives you a reliable indication of the number of tracks you have added to the playlist during the day, while the Mood phase shows you how happy, sad, loud, energetic or danceable the tracks you have selected are.

Last but not least, you’ll get an insightful list of your best tracks and artists. Spotify Statistics is one of the most comprehensive websites to explore your track tastes and get valuable statistics for your listening habits.

8. Rate My Spotify

Judge My Spotify is a completely humorous and witty website that takes your Spotify list and listening habits for a ride. It is a humorous platform that offers many great features regardless of its satirical view.

RateMySpotify in Spotify Listening
Rate My Spotify

You can see your listening habits, most searched tracks, etc. You can also be amused by the fact that the site makes jokes about your options on the side.

The amazing thing is that the site does not store any of your data, which is a privacy issue for many these days. Try it out and see for yourself.

9. Receiptify

The way Receiptify works is already in its name. Once you connect to Spotify, it offers you your most played tracks in the form of receipts, which can be very funny!

Receiptify in Spotify Listening

You can set the device to show you the most played tracks in the last month, the last 6 months, or the entire time. You can also view the full song duration of all tracks.


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