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Best Spotify Websites to analyze your music (New List in 2022)

Top Spotify Websites to analyze your music data

There are many positive aspects to knowing your music habits and taste. It is important to understand the music you listen and know why you listen to it.
There is a great pleasure in knowing why you naturally appreciate a piece of music. As a musician, this can give you a deep insight into what your style is and help you promote and built that style up. 
However, the question still remains, are you set to understand your listening habit? Are you at all curious about it? Do you want to build up a playlist that is unique and just yours? If the answer is yes, then sit still and read this article until the end, because we can help you. 

Top Spotify
Spotify Websites to analyze

You can achieve all this by checking out some really useful and practical websites that are specifically developed to give some insights about your Spotify listening habits. Though Spotify itself gives you information about your listening taste, but it is always better to have some more details.
There are many things you can know of; what artist or band do you listen to more? When did add a specific song to your playlist? What date will your favorite tracks be released? If you find this all in all interesting, then check out our list of great websites to analyze your Spotify listening habits.

1. Obscurify

Obscurify Sptify

In this site you will have your favorite artist’s popularity analyzed, and your score will b compared to other users in the area. It provides a list that ranks your favorite genres. 
It can also create a playlist with your favorite tracks and put it in your library.
so this will somehow inspire you when you need it; And these are yet some of the brilliant services this site offers to its users.

2. Sort Your Music

Sort Your 

Sort Your Music is yet another incredible website to organize your playlist. Here you will be able to sort your playlist by tempo, loudness, popularity and other aspects.
Having your music organized will always be of great use for event and parties and other things alike. 

3. uTracks

uTracks for Spotify

This is an android app for your mobile.
If you usually listen to your Spotify on your mobile, this will be great for you. It will show your top 50 artist, tracks and genres.

4. Spotify Charts

Spotify Charts

This website not only organizes your music taste, but also is there with recommendations on what to listen to next by showing you the most played songs on the platform.
The options are Viral50 and Top200 and you can filter the result by region and timeline. 

5. Visualfy


 Here your top tracks and artists are presented, by month, year and all the time, in an elegant and plain way.
It is not very technical, but gives a very through insight into your music taste by passing time. 

6. Last.fm

Last.fm the Top Music

By being a member of Last.fm you can open doors to plenty of information about your listening taste and playlist; you can even compare them to many other users’ habits and tastes.
It also provides detailed charts and allows you to discover artists by genre or even mood.

7. States for Spotify

States Spotify

States for Spotify provides very specific and detailed statistics about your listening habits.
All you need it enter the website, make your account and once done with all these process, they will present you an insightful chart that features all the artists you have been listening to, and there is a percentage of time showing how much you have listened to each of them. 
There is a section that reports Quick Facts, that consists of the average length and tempo of your preferred tracks and released dates of the newest and oldest of your favorite songs.

8. Spicetify

Spicetify Khanhas

In this website, you will be able to personalize the Spotify UI.
Obviously this one calls out for some knowledge. As we read before, there are Spotify data analysis websites like Sort Your Music can do just more than revealing your listening habits.
In Spicetify you will not have your data analyzed, but rather personalize your listening experience. This leads you to customizing your theme, shuffle and integrate song with Reddit and blacklist artists you do not like. 

9. Skiley

Skiley Spotify

If you think that you need more practical help at sorting your songs and playlists, if you think you need more than just stats, then you should get to know Skiley.
This is a resourceful platform that gathers information about your listening habits and manages your playlist by artist, genre or even mood.
It will also suggest and find music tracks that are close to your taste. It can show lyrics and translation.

10. MusicTaste.space

MusicTaste Space

If you want to compare your music taste with your friends then here is the place for you. In this website you can even compare your taste and habits with strangers.
It compares the happiness, energy, acoustic factors and some other aspects to United States average. It also lets you find out about your top genres, artists and tracks.

11. Run BPM

Run BPM Spotify

This is another Spotify website that lets you pick a playlist and ten you should filter through the tracks.
You have to determine the amount of energy, happiness and range of BPM you want in the songs; then you will have to click save playlist and it makes a new playlist with songs that fit the filters.

12. Discover Quickly

Discover Quickly

Well, there is a high probability that you are going to use this website almost every day.
There are always new songs in here and you can also go back and check out the old ones. The thing is, you have to listen to the whole song to decide if you really like it.
all you need to do is to pick which playlist you want to listen to, when you want to do it and when you do, the best part of the song will start playing.

13. Dubolt

Dubolt Spotify

Now if you are looking for a website with new artists and new song, here you go. You will have to link the website to your Spotify, and it will show the artists and tracks you have recently listened to, depending on the setting you have it on. 


Hey there! I'm Joey, I am 22 and started to work as a barista in a café lately. I do coffee arts, they are good, not bad but it still needs a lot of practice. I love music, especially rock and roll!

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