Best Spotify Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Spotify Tips and Tricks

Spotify is one of the best and largest music streaming apps out there. It has over 350 active users. Besides its large libraries of tracks which are over 70 million, it is also feature-packed and offers tons of customization for a fully personalized music listening experience.
It does not matter if you are new to the music app or you are just searching for the best Spotify tips to get the most out of it, our article today will give a deeper insight into this large and ever-growing app. 

Best Spotify Tips
Some of The Best Spotify Tips and Trick you Should Know

Spotify has got some tricks up its sleeve. Therefore, it would be indeed a great fun to uncover those cool Spotify hacks and bring them into light and of course put them into action for enhanced control as well as a much –improved music listening experience.
Here we will share with you some of our favorites hacks and tricks, so stay tuned and read until the end

Power search in Spotify
Power search in Spotify Music

It is common to search for music on Spotify by using artist, album, or song title. Well, it is good to know that the music streaming platform allows you to perform advanced search via operators like AND\OR\NOT, as well as narrow your search results to the year, genre and even more.
There is also this option where you can combine these search techniques, like Nick Cave year: 1996-2005 Not year: 2001, for even more fun and precise results. Here you can read some of the advanced search terms every Spotify user should know:

year: will show music from a particular year. 

genre: will display music from a particular genre.

upc: will display albums matching the ID number according to the universal product code. 

isrc: will display tracks matching ID number according to the International Standard Recording Code. 

label: will display music released by the label. 

Collaborative playlists

Collaborative playlists Spotify
Collaborative playlists in Spotify Music

So, if you have got a friend with the same music taste as you, then you might enjoy this super fun option.
You can actually create playlists and share them with your friends and they can edit the same- add or remove songs from the playlist.
If you want to create a collaborative playlist, first you should create a simple playlist and then tap the three dots icon and choose the collaborative playlist option from the menu in your Spotify desktop or mobile app. 
The collaborative playlists are marked by a hallow circle next to their name. 
Whenever you want to turn an existing playlist into a collaborative playlist on the Spotify mobile app, then you need to go to “your library then playlists” and tap the three dots icon next to the playlist and select the make collaborative option.
Then all you need to do is to share the playlist link with friends, and make this feature very handy at parties where anyone can add music to the playlist. 

Share Links in Spotify
Share Links with Timestamps

If you have been using Spotify for sometimes now you should know that sharing music on the platform is super easy as there is a dedicated option available for the same next to each track, album, and playlist.
However, you can also share specific parts of the track too. You can even share the exact minute or second you want a friend to listen to from a song.
Here we will share the steps you need to take in order to do that:

  • First open Spotify desktop app, navigate to the track you want to share, then tap on the three-dos icon next to the track to see the share option.
  • From the share menu, you should select the “copy Spotify URI” option, here then you need to add the timestamp to this code. The URI code must look something like this: 2EtDBM1HERttW123IertCDFty, then you will need to add the timestamp (like 3 minutes and 14 second) after a hashtag at the end of the URI code. The URI codes are available in the Spotify desktop app.
  • Now you can copy and share this time-stamped Spotify URI code with friends, who can then paste it into their desktop app to listen to the track from that instant. The URI code does not work with Spotify mobile and web apps. 

Control Spotify in google maps

Control Spotify
Control Spotify in Google Maps

Music the path you take into the depth of your soul, while getting to know what the artist want to say and getting to touch their souls as well. Google knows and respects it.
it has integrated the option to control Spotify with its mapping app. So you can take control of the music app right from Google Maps

You need to open Google Maps on your device and tap on your profile at the top right corner of the screen.
Next choose setting and the navigation.  Or setting \navigation on iOS. Next, select music playback controls.
Finally choose Spotify.

Enable Data saver 

Enable Data saver 
Enable Data saver in Spotify

Spotify offers a super handy feature called data saver, for those who do not want their limited bandwidth to run out of steam due to music streaming.
When it is enabled, the music streaming app will allow you to stream low quality music, and disable artist canvases. The data saver also lets you enable audio-only podcasts to save only the audio when downloading video podcasts. 

In order to enable data server for Spotify, launch the music streaming app->settings icon->data saver. Turn on the toggles for Data Saver and audio-only podcasts. 

Customize Spotify Download quality

Customize Spotify Download
Customize Spotify Download quality

If you are into downloading Spotify music so to listen to them offline, then make sure to customize the download quality. The platform allows you to download low, normal, high, or very high quality music.
So if you want to manage your device storage smartly, then you can use this feature.

Navigate to Spotify-> setting icon-> download section (you can choose audio quality->download on iOS). Now select the preferred download quality as you need. You can also download Spotify songs using cellular if you do not have cellular data constrain.


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