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How to Get More Spotify Streams and Followers? 10 Tips

Get Spotify Streams and Followers: You can be an artist that is working on his music, you can be a part of a band or record label, either way, you should be aware of the impact of the online world on your music.
This online world, specifically referring to Digital Streaming Platform, DSP, Spotify in particular, should indeed be where you are trying to promote your work in. 
This has become so significant that imagining a career in in the music industry without its seems somehow impossible. Spotify proclaims itself the land of opportunity for the new artists and those are trying to become one, is one of the best places to show off your work, introduce your style, get many fans and also make a living.

Spotify Streams and Followers
Streams and Followers on Spotify

You can also get to know many other fellow artists and connect with them and their works.
So in the heat of growing their music and getting publicity, many are willing to spend their time and financial sources to get more Followers and streams.
Well, unluckily for them, this is not an easy task.

You cannot make such things happen in just one day.
Sometimes it will take a whole team. It is very important to have active Followers who have an impact on your account and stream. 

Here are some of tips on how to get more Spotify streams and followers:

Submit your music to playlist curators

Submit Your Music
Submit your music in Spotify

Right, it is very hard to get their respond, because they get submitted thousands of music each day.
So what you should do is to be different and stand out.
So stay focused on your work and bring out the very best you can until you catch their attention. But you should know the best way to catch their eyes id: curator playlist.

Curator playlist can break an artist or a song. It is one of the keys to promote your music and have a stronger presence. 

Create your own playlist

Create Playlist in Spotify
Create your own playlist

You can simply do it yourself. This is the best way to get more streams and gain Followers. You should try to be active, be creative and manage your own personal playlists around your releases.
It also allows you to trade your playlists with other curators, and it helps increase your presence, so its win-win either way.
When you do so, you naturally become a member of this great platform and you have something to say. This whole being active and having a personalized playlist will help you get seen.

Build your image

Build Your Image in Spotify
Build Your Image

You should have a strong image; an impactful brand image is essential. It is a great talent show place, and you can show of your work and build up your identity.
You should get verified as an artist on Spotify, and present your graphic charter for a sharp looking profile.

Contact music blogs

Music Blogs in Spotify
Contact Music Blogs

You may have thousands of Followers but not all will stream and listen to your work, so the best thing would be to get new followers each day.
Reach out to other audience and turn them into fans. The best way to do this, is music blog. Because people who are already a fan of the genre will read it.
you can prepare a good promo package on a site of your choice, with a press release, press shots, your bio, and well, your song.

Promote to Labels 

Promote to Labels  in Spotify
Promote to Labels 

Many record labels have playlists on Spotify. You can contact them with their submission link, by email or just socials. They might even be interested in signing your next tracks, and that is a very suitable way to build up a relationship with them.

Support artists and their work

Support Artists in Spotify
Support Artists and Their Work

When you share, you prepare to get help. To help fellow artists as well as yourself. When you share other artists work, tracks and playlists, you help them get seen and don’t doubt that they will help you too.
Also, following the artists you like is another way of letting your fans know your music taste.

Use Emails

Use Emails in Spotify
Use Emails

you email is very important to promote your work. It’s a valuable asset in order to keep your work going.
As you go on, your mailing list will grow as well, so you will build a strategy around it, and it will offer something exclusive.

Share your Spotify link…everywhere! 

Share Your Spotify Link
Share Your Spotify Linkeverywhere

It is very useful to have a website; this way you can take the opportunity to get more streams. There you can add, follow buttons, QR codes, embed players link, all things related to Spotify.
Just as well, you can find some promotion tools in some websites.

Ask your distributor for help

Distributor in Spotify
Ask your distributor for help

It is always a good thing to ask your Distribution, if you run a record label. You will see a very much better result if you get them more involved, no matter what the streaming platform is.
One distribution company delivers huge amounts of releases every day, these companies are usually consulted by Spotify on relevant ones to feature.

Be patient

Spotify Followers
Spotify Playlist

Do not despair, do not worry and never give in. this is definitely going to take some time, success is not easy and you can get there in a matter of a day. 
First you should know what you want, what is your taste, what is your stale, where do you want to go from here, stay active and work hard, make your work very unique and be your own harshest critic, and put all your energy and talent into creating something that stands oy, be patient and believe in yourself.
When you do all you can, and create your best music, then you will attract more and more audience and fans, they will then be your followers and stream your music.
You can get to connect with them and the word will go around, thus bringing you more and more audience.
As time goes by then, you see how everything finds its place and makes you closer to your goal. 


Hey there! I'm Joey, I am 22 and started to work as a barista in a café lately. I do coffee arts, they are good, not bad but it still needs a lot of practice. I love music, especially rock and roll!

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