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Ways to Get More Spotify Playlist Followers in 2022

Some of the Best Ways to get more Spotify Playlist Followers

Today Spotify is one of the biggest social media platforms. One of the great points of the platform is that it allows you to have your own music playlist. You can gain members for your playlist as well. However, there is no clear answer to how get more followers for Spotify playlist. 

More Spotify Playlist Followers
Some of the Best Ways to Get More Spotify Playlist Followers

Many believe and advise you should try sharing and promoting your list on platforms other than Spotify, but this could also lead to other problems like attracting ghost followers. Therefore, this could be as ineffective as other useless methods. 

One thing that you should keep doing in order to have your list promoted, is to have a unique list, from then on Spotify will do the rest for you. A good playlist will always pick up thousands of followers because of its content and uniqueness not for the outside promotions. 

So, if you have created a great playlist, and want to promote it, here are some tips that might help you:

First things first; create the best playlist you can

Create Playlist
Create the best playlist you can

Well, light as day right? But it is true. You need to have something worth promoting, otherwise what is there for people to follow? You need to build up a playlist that is unique, original and different. It should be something you are proud of. Try to have a specific name for your playlist that is not too general, something that introduces the content of the playlist well. Remember to get to know your target audience. Who are they? Why and when would they listen to this music? You must know how Spotify algorithm works, right? It suggests music based on what you have already liked and listened, so try adding the sort of music to your playlist that you target audience listens and likes, this way the algorithm will work in your favor.

Do not forget that quality beats does not mean that you should only have a short playlist with perfect selection; but it is important to keep an eye on the quality but names and music on your list. Make sure you select the song that would attract you as a listener as well. A list that you love dearly and are proud to share it with others. 

It is well-established that the first few songs of a list will be played much more than other ones. So in order to keep the listeners listening, make sure to put the best songs on the top of your list. This way you will sure get people hooked and interested. 

Find your niche

Find Your Niche
Find Your Niche in Spotify

make your playlist more and more specific. There are some options to get here. You could only choose one genre, theme or mood. Just choose the big picture and cut a small part of it and focus on it. meaning, you will not have to cover all moods and themes of a music genre, just chose a small part of it and base your playlist on that. The more specific the playlist, the better!

This method will definitely lead to your playlist being more and more unique and help it rise above the others. But remember, you should love the small part you are taking for yourself. you make a playlist because you love it not just because of others.

Title and description matter

Now that you have your desired playlist, you have found your genre and mood and you have your target audience, you should go on with the next steps. But what is the next step? Choosing a title and writing a good description!

Title and Description Matter
Title and description matter in Spotify

Make sure new listeners can find your playlist. Selecting a unique and memorable title, adding a short and informative description about your playlist will go a long way. These steps are as important as any other, since they make people find your playlist. Try to get to know the keywords. A keyword is a title or term that people will search for to find the music they like. Therefore, choose a title that is more accessible. One way to find out the best keyboards is to use Google trends. This will surely help you take some steps further.

Do not be serious and do not overthink the title and description. Most Spotify playlist titles are fun and descriptions are something creative and funny as well. 

Do not despair!

Do not Despair in Spotify
Spotify Playlist

Well these days, our lives have become so fast. We live in pace like every moment we to get to an important meeting. But hey…that is not true since in real life you have to be patient to see the results you deserve. The same goes for promoting your content on social media. You cannot expect to get 1000 followers every half an hour unless you plan on buying some fake ones. You really do not want this. The fake followers, fake engagements. Who are you masking the playlist for? A bunch of bots? no. you create your playlist for real people and share your taste and interest with real people who listen and proceed. So keep in mind that to get real followers and engagements you should be patient. You should wait and try and promote your playlist organically. 

Check your playlist as often as you can

Learn from other successful and popular playlists. How do they keep up? How do they freshen so often? The music industry never takes a break, it never sleeps and never takes a day off! There are new music coming out constantly. Artists, independent or otherwise are always working and releasing singles or albums. 

Check your Playlist
Check your Playlist in Spotify

So as these artists release their new works, you make sure to make some changes to your playlist and add the new ones related to your playlists’ mood and theme. Keep it up-dated. 

Listen to your own playlist

Spotify playlist
playlist in Spotify

Listen to your playlist as often as you can because hey, it is your playlist after all. Spotify knows when a curator stops taking care of a certain playlist, it knows when you stop listening to your own playlist. So be an active listener, be your own playlist’s biggest fan. 


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