How to get more Spotify Monthly Listeners

Increase Spotify monthly listeners

Spotify is the king when it comes to music streaming platforms. There is no denying the popularity and steams it hold for itself.
The platform welcomes everyone from music lovers to singers and newly artist trying to make their ways in the vast music industry.
It helps them make a bit of money and also have their work seen and receive the application it deserves.
These are why many musicians and listeners are big fans of it and try to promote their accounts on it. 

Get Spotify monthly
Get Spotify monthly listeners

However, as we said earlier, this is one of the most popular music streaming platforms with a huge number of users on a monthly basis; this makes the atmosphere all the more competitive, thus, it gets harder and harder to have your music noticed by users.
Well, it does not work so easy! Just uploading your music on Spotify and building streams and monthly listeners.
But there must be a way, if not, then how are all these people being seen and getting more popular on Spotify by each passing day? 

Should you be on Spotify?

On Spotify
Should you be on Spotify

Before you go on and invest in different methods and put yourself through so much trouble, you need to ask yourself if you belong to Spotify?
Is it the right platform for you?
Just because a social media platform is popular and you like it, doesn’t make it the best place for your work.
You should try to get to know other music streaming apps out there, some who can actually reach the standards of Spotify.
When you get to know their platform and how they work, then you can decide which platform is actually for you.
Some of the biggest music streaming apps are YouTube, Apple music, Deezer, Facebook, TikTok, Google Play, and so many others. 
You should make sure that you have fans on a certain platform and they actually listen to your music.
One way to do this would be checking your sales and accounting dashboard with your music distributor. 
You may find it surprising how many other fan bases you can have on other music streaming apps rather than Spotify only.
If you get certain by time that Spotify indeed is “THE” platform for your music and fan base, then you may want to check out our article for some helpful tips on how to increase your Spotify listeners.

Get your music playlisted

Music playlisted Spotify
Get your music playlisted

This is not a very easy task, we know! But isn’t time for you to get to work and do it?
don’t you think you actually need to do this in order to get on? Well, you do! All you need is some time, some ideas and a good publicist.
One of the things you should keep in mind while making playlists is to preserve your uniqueness and be yourself, this will make your work very different from others at the same time.
Try to go in the opposite direction, do not follow the crowd and you are golden. 

Make sure those who should, follow you on Spotify 

Follow you on Spotify
Make sure those who should, follow you on Spotify

It is not necessarily true that everyone you have connections with through social media follows you on Spotify.
Just make sure everyone in your email list follows you, send frequent reminders so that your fans will see your emails.
Also keep a reminder in the footer or P.S section of your emails. 
Do your best to grow your email list, in time it will be the most significant tool to have more Spotify followers.
Doing that, you will have your followers to listen to your music.

 Promote your music

Promote your music on Spotify
Promote your music

One of the great opportunities through which you can promote your music is live streaming.
It helps you to bond with your audience in another level and experience a closer connection.
Although during live streams any one from any corner of the world can listen to you, in the in the end you will be left with the number of listeners who actually appreciate your work, sand by this “Live Streaming” you will leave a deeper impact on them.
you do not really have to go through a lot of trouble in your live streams, you do not have to create something extraordinary, all you have to do is showcasing your talent and your music to your audience in a more vulnerable and intimate way. 
However, it wouldn’t hurt to mix things up by telling the audience your story, the song’s story, the story behind it and how you got to make it. it will make the song more personal and the who enterprise all the more different.
This way, by letting people get to know you, to know where the song came from, you will build a more loyal and appreciative fan base.
Do not forget to include the link in the live stream description, and mention it throughout the stream several times. 

Social Media Links and Bios
Update your social media links and bios

There are many social media platforms that let you put a link in your bio.
Great, right? Are you using it? are you trying to get people to visit your Spotify and listen to your music at all? every once in a while try to update your bio and link, that is how you show people you are an active account worth paying attention to.
If you keep updating and telling your followers about it, then they will try to at least visit the link once. 
This whole bio thing is a great opportunity to tell people about yourself and showcase your work. Make sure you use it well. 

Publish more Music

Publish More Music On Spotify
Publish more Music

There are many people out there who find it fun and entertaining to binge listen to music! Especially if they find a playlist they like; so publish more for the sake of them.
they will listen to all the tracks until they find something they like. Then they will add their favorite ones to their own playlists.
Therefore, no questions asked, produce more music and publish them.
sure there is someone out there that will find it great and listen to it so many times.
And just like that, you will increase your monthly listeners!


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