Top Spotify Apps you can use with your Spotify account

Best Spotify Apps to Use Spotify Account

Spotify has been very popular and it is still growing to be. It is attracting more and more users each day all over the worl. it is already pretty awesome. However, there are ways you can increase this awesomeness. In 2011, Spotify introduced third party apps to its desktop clients.

Best Apps Spotify Account
Best Apps to Use Spotify Account

These third party app increased it functionality by far. they enabled developers to expand and increase the music services functionality. They then introduced features including lyrics, tour dates, and artist recommendations.
Although, in 2015 thirds party apps were canceled. This fruited the users. Spotify is indeed known to take a way loved options and this was yet another example.

However today there are some apps that will provide you those gone options. They are accessed through the web and not the official Spotify desktop. 
Here are our picks for some of the best apps you can use with your Spotify:


Spilister in Spotify

This app allows you convert music to a Spotify playlist. This can be from any platform, YouTube, Reddit, Soundcloud, and Last.fm. there is also a text box through which you can search across all the supported services at once. Reddit and Last.fm are the most useful services yet.
A regular visitor to subreddits knows that post usually attract plenty of comments, in these comments users will link to songs or suggest artists.
Since spotlistr allows you search subreddits, multireddits, and comments, you can easily pull these links into your own Spotify playlist. 
The Last.fm is yet another music discovery feature. It has many search options, including searching for similar tracks, similar artist, search by date range. 


Vidfish Site
Vidfish Website

Spotify lacks the availability of music videos severely. These days, artists put a lot of effort, meaning and intention in their music videos, hence they are as important as the songs themselves.
In the meantime, this is all you can make do of because currently there are other apps alike. This will create video playlists based on your preferences; and that makes them perfect for parties and other similar gatherings. In order to use it, you will have to link your Spotify account, drag and drop songs into your browser window, and the rest will be taken care of.
One of its other advantages is that you can generate random video playlists from YouTube based on genres and artists. 

Sort Your Music

Sort Your Music
Sort Your Music Website

Most Spotify power users know that the service has masses of untapped potential. Apperantly one very basic and easy-to-implement feature is lacking, and that feature is playlist sorting. 
In Spotify, you are able to order your lists by artist or by track title, but there are advanced options missing. Sort Your Music covers this for Spotify.
Once you connect your Spotify to the service and then you will be able to sort playlists by eight new categories: energy, danceability, loudness, beats per minute, valence, length, acoustic and popularity.


Setify Spotify
Setify Website

So, have you ever been to a concert where you wanted to experience it all over again? A concert that was so good you wanted to have it in your records? Or maybe in the concert, the artist sang a song you didn’t know its name? well then here is the solution for you, safety!
It is not 100% perfect, and it does not really claim that. It will allow you search and gigs by artists, city or even date. Then it will display the set list and convert it into a Spotify playlist. There is also this option that it informs you if it couldn’t find a song, and why. 

Every Noise at Once

Every Noise at Once in Spotify
Every Noise at Once Website Music

There are many genres in Spotify. In fact, the genres go up to 1,491. You could spend all day listening to all of this and still not finish them. Every Noise at Once as the name suggests putts all these genres in a huge scatter graph, thus searching and discovering becomes really handy. You can click on the genre and it will give a very quick preview.

Fresh Faces

Fresh Faces in spotify
Fresh Faces Website

This one is a clever tracker that will list all the artists who released their first album on Spotify within a user-specified time frame.
There are different album covers in the main page. If you click on any album, you’ll be given a 30 seconds preview of it. when you need more information, you can click on the star icon in the top left-hand corner of the album, then you will get some useful information.
The information includes: popularity, the number of followers the artist has, and its release date. Also clicking on the arrow in the top right-hand corner of the album will take you to the track on Spotify itself.

Spotify Shuffler

Spotify Shuffler Web Music
Spotify Shuffler Website

The shuffle feature of Spotify has been faced the most criticism in the entire service.  It just doesn’t work for so many people and frankly has not worked for a long time. It does not change at all.
it is so weird that Spotify does not try to see in into this problem. However, a third party is there to cover it too.
Spotify is exactly what you want. It reads your playlist and then randomizes them.
That way, you won’t hear the same song twice until all the song has been played once.


Do you ever wonder if your music taste compares to others? With obscurity you can get the answer to that.it gives a very close view of your music taste and habits and helps you analyze your taste. It ranks your Top tracks, artists, and more.
It tries to see how those fare against users in your area, and does its best to give you a better understanding and deeper insight of their music taste.
After the precise examination of your listening habits, there will be an obscurity rating and a comprehensive overview of your preferred genres, your most listened tracks and artists and of course frequent moods.
It also provides a list of your top genres and top songs, of all time or the current month.


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