SEO For Spotify and How to Get Discovered as A New Artist

Spotify is one of the greatest music and podcast streaming platforms with idiosyncratic features. For the time being, Spotify enjoys over 130 million subscribers and 50 million songs ready to play any time you want. Therefore, it is crucial for musicians and artists to know and use strategies for being discovered easily and mostly on Spotify. Search engine optimization (SEO) for Spotify includes several tactics for building an effective and successful base for streaming your music and introducing yourself as a new artist to a great number of daily music listeners around the world. If you are an independent music artist longing to be discovered as a new artist, a musical label owner, a devoted music manager, an enthusiastic podcaster, or just somebody who is interested in Spotify’s discovery algorithms, then this article will bring you some practical information on ways to optimize your Spotify account.

Table of contents

  • Algorithm of Spotify and Key Points for Discoverability
  • Major Ways of Being Discovered on Spotify
  • Optimizing Your Artist Spotify Account
  • Conclusion 

Algorithm of Spotify and Key Points for Discoverability

Spotify discovers and introduces playlists assumed to be the most enjoyable for its audience on a weekly basis. No doubt that several algorithms are running in this feature. These algorithms mainly emphasize on subscribers’ musical taste and their playlist-building behavior. Accordingly, there are some key points essential for you as a new artist to take a fixed part in these playlists:

Algorithm of Spotify
Algorithm of Spotify and Key Points for Discoverability
  1. Try to track your audience’s musical tastes.
  2. Produce music for different moods and occasions from workouts to sleep.
  3. Receive feedback from the audience in order to optimize the pros and resolve the cons.
  4. Generate your own playlists to attract more subscribers towards yourself.

Major Ways of Being Discovered on Spotify

There are 3 major ways that you and your music can be found on Spotify:

Discovered Spotify
Major Ways of Being Discovered on Spotify

1. Playlists

Nowadays, people tend to enjoy music in different moods. So, generating playlists and offering them is a routine on Spotify. There are several types of playlists such as user-generated playlists, those gathered by Spotify, and algorithmmade ones. Being included in a playlist should be a crucial goal for every new artist.

2. Spotify search

One of the most important Spotify parts is the search bar. Your potential audience should be able to find you as easily as possible. Note that you have to pay attention to the subtlest parts of your work. For example, your song’s title is better to include some keywords and phrases.

3. Featured by Spotify

Your music can be reachable to your audience out of different playlists too. Where? On the home page. Your music might be listed as featuring, trending, etc. In order to reach to this part, you must have a professional optimized Spotify Artist account. Some golden measures are to be taken for this goal. So, now we may proceed to the next part.

Optimizing Your Artist Spotify Account

Through this special type of account, Spotify enables artists to introduce themselves to the audience worldwide. You can create an icon, write a bio, generate a playlist, and feature your favorites. Your Artist Spotify account is the beating heart of your musical streaming body. Keep this part fresh and up-to-date not up-to-hate. Follow the tips mentioned below for more and more ascertained instructions.

Artist Spotify Account
Optimizing Your Artist Spotify Account
  1. Introduce yourself the best in the About part of your page. Every single piece of information can be interesting for the audience. Mention your music genres, your company, exciting facts about your work, etc.
  2. Choose a fashionable and appealing icon and name. These would be the very first things to catch your audience’s attraction.
  3. Make and feature your favorite playlists. This can make your music available in different categories. In this way, you can gain a drastic stream.
  4. Analyze your statistics from Spotify for Artists Analytics. Here you have access to a vast amount of classified data mainly suitable for discerning your best and most devoted audience.


Spotify has been trying to discover and introduce new artists from all over the world to its audience. The tips mentioned above are necessary for every new artist interested to gain more devoted audiences. If you want to know more about Spotify and its amazing features, then try not to forget to read other articles on this website.


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