How to Redeem Spotify Gift Card?

Redeem Spotify Gift Card: You sure would want a Spotify gift card and premium, since having a gift card can help you save on your monthly premium music subscription and activate your Spotify premium subscription, and of course, with a premium subscription you will go beyond the basic function of free Spotify, and then you can download music, create personal playlist, and listen to playlists in order, and of course listen to music add free.

Spotify Gift

Using a Spotify gift card, you can enjoy your music anywhere you want, but your premium subscription will end automatically when the credit on the card runs out. After that you will not be bound to a subscription to renew automatically. For a Spotify user, a Spotify gift card is an excellent thing. And not just a Spotify user, but a perfect gift for all those who actually enjoy music. We all know that there is no time and place for music except always and anywhere. So according to human nature, a Spotify gift will never go to waste.

So if someone gave you Spotify gift card and you are wondering what to do with it, then maybe you should turn on your computer, since this gift can only be used online.

How to use a Spotify gift card?

Spotify Gift Card

  • Go to\redeem on your computer and log into your account.
  • Enter the PIN or code on the back of your gift card. For the zip code, use the zip code of the address you entered when you opened the account.
  • And then click enter code.

If you have any problem redeeming your gift card, then contact Spotify customer support. Also, you should know that you cannot cancel the subscription.

How can you get a free Spotify gift card?

  • Sign up and log in
  • Earn points
  • Redeem points
  • Get a reward

How do I get Spotify premium gift card?

Spotify Premium

Open your Spotify account on your web browser, click on your name, select share Spotify from the drop down list, then click on buy an E- card.  Then some options will appear on the Spotify premium gift page, and the select the subscription gift you want.

Does Spotify use gift card?

Spotify Use Gift

Yes, it does! Spotify gift cards are a great way to treat a music lover. You can find them anywhere in Walmart, Target, and Amazon. There are even digital gift cards you can email directly to your friends and family.

How to redeem your Spotify gift card?

o Redeem your Spotify

If someone gives you a Spotify premium gift card, there are many ways you can redeem it. First of all, you should look at the card to see what it says!

1. On the card, you will see the code that will activate your premium account. The number of characters on the back of the card must be more than 12 digits, and it should look something like this: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

2. visit\redeem

Now that you have found your redemption code, it is time to visit When you get there, you should enter your Spotify gift card code.

3. now you can enjoy your Spotify 

If you do the last steps right, then hooray for you cause now you have a Spotify premium account. Now you won’t have to worry about annoying adds interrupting your music. After doing the process, in short, you will receive an email regarding the activation of your card on the device of your choice.

What if your premium gift card does not work?

Premium Gift Card

Spotify as a music streaming service, offers two types of subscriptions: one is ad-supported and premium. As the name suggests, the add supported will let you listen to music but there are adds, but the premium is a totally different place, the music you listen to has a better quality, there are no adds and many exclusive contents will be available for you. A Spotify gift card can be redeemed for a monthly or annual premium subscription. But if you have trouble activating your gift card, here are some solutions you can get help from:

  • Visit the Spotify gift card redemption page on their website to check the balance of your gift card, and there enter the unique code located at the back of the card.
  • If you buy your card from a store, ask the store manager to activate it.

Now if you have activated your card but it is still not working, then try the following solutions:

Following Solution

  • Make sure your browser is updated and there are no ad-blockers
  • Clear your cache and try again
  • Try another internet connection or another device

If you are a Spotify premium subscriber, then make sure you have enough fund in your account to pay the cost for the gift value, apart from monthly subscription costs.

These cards are only for premium individuals, not premium family or student.

In this code, different characters look like other letters, a zero may look like an o, a capital I may look like lower case L.

You can use only up to 18 months of your premium account at a time.

In the end, if none of these actually help you, try again in 24 hours, or simply contact Spotify support and check the terms and conditions of gift cards.

How does the Spotify Premium gift card work?

Gift Card Work

It works by giving your friend a one-year upgrade to the premium account. This enables them to access to all their favorite play lists and songs, from almost any artist they love and prefer.

How long does a Spotify gift card last?

They last for 12 months. 

Do Spotify gift cards stack?

Cards Stack

They do indeed. If you give the gift card to a friend who does not have a Spotify account already, then they will have to sign up for one. This is very easy and will not take much of your time. You can use a gift card multiple time; not matter what device you use it on. In case you use the app on another device, you will have to enter your user name before any purchase.

Can you redeem 2 Spotify cards? 

You can activate gift cards at the same time, or one after another, this is all up to you.


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