How To Find and Recover Deleted Spotify Playlists

Just so you know Spotify Playlists are a crucial inseparable feature of this popular music streaming app. It can be staring you in the face that if you accidentally delete a playlist on Spotify, it can ruin your day. However, do not worry since we have brought an easy way for you to recover it.

Spotify has been compiling songs since a decade ago so it is now capable of optimizing tons of features. One of these wonderful features is that the users can add or delete songs into Spotify collections based on a specific theme and organize playlists into folders; you can do it only through Spotify Desktop but it is accessible from all Spotify platforms after being saved. The ‘Enhanced’ button is also another helpful feature to automatically add songs to Spotify based on the vibe of a playlist that is already created. It’s all to the cause of making the process of creating Spotify Playlists easier.

Sad to say, like plenty of other apps, clicking the wrong button and deleting these efforts is too easy. One of the common mistakes is to delete a playlist on Spotify or remove it from the Spotify library. Anyway, if you accidentally did it less than 90 days ago, you may still have a chance for recovering that playlist.

How To Recover Deleted Spotify Playlists

To recover a deleted Spotify playlist:

  • Log into your Spotify account on a desktop computer,
  • Click on ‘Recover playlists’ On the left sidebar, 
  • You will see the deleted playlists,
  • Click ‘Restore’,

Once you launch the Spotify app, the recovered playlist will be probably located in the lower part of the playlist collection.

To undo the deletion immediately (only if you are using the Desktop app)

  • Hit Ctrl+Z if you use Windows; and,
  • Command+Z in case your operating system is Mac.


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