How to Promote Your Music On Spotify {Ultimate Guide}

If you are looking to promote your music on Spotify, you are at the right place because we want to cover a number of the main ways for promoting your music on this platform and match them according to your marketing strategy for your music. 
With 243 million active users, Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform across the globe.  When artists are looking to build their presence, become popular, and also earn a commission, it is crucially all-important to be present on Spotify. When you as an artist promote your music, you are simultaneously growing your audience and furthering your career.
In old days, industry professionals took care of music promotion. However, today the power of music promotion is fortunately back in the hands of the musicians.

As luck would have it, Spotify offers the most opportunities to promote your tracks out of all the streaming platforms. Spotify offers the most outstanding promotion tool including album visuals with Spotify Canvas, scrolling lyrics, play-listing submission, and its admired algorithm suggestions.
When a track is uploaded on Spotify, you need to promote your music to claim your artist profile. If you claim your profile, you can submit upcoming releases for playlisting on Spotify’s playlists and you can also add merchandise, tour dates, and customization to your profile.
It will be possible for you to take advantage of the visual album of the Canvas-Spotify art tool for adding custom looping videos that show while a song is playing.

Now, let us jump into the details without more hesitation:

Verify your Artist Profile

Today, everyone is capable of creating a Spotify account and claiming themselves musicians. People can sometimes mislead Spotify users that they are real artists when they are not.
If an artist is going to notify followers and probable followers that the account within reach is genuine, they need to verify their account and get that famous blue tick.

Verify your Artist Profile in Spotify
Verify your Artist Profile

So that the followers can believe that you are the real artist. Spotify facilitates it for you as an artist to get the verification badge. Simply sign up to Spotify for Artists so that you can get automatically verified.
When the artists have a verified account with the blue tick, they are establishing their legitimacy through the playlists and the algorithms of Spotify. It also justifies for most Spotify playlist curators to include your music in their playlists.

Build your fan base on Spotify

If your fans do not follow you on Spotify, why do you waste your time and energy and upload music on Spotify?
It is a catastrophe for a genuine artist to get even less than 500 monthly listeners a month. This will make Spotify playlist curators reconsider whether to add your music to their playlists or not.

You need to get a significantly large following on Spotify. When an artist garners huge numbers of monthly listeners, Spotify and playlist curators will suggest your music. Large numbers indicate your credibility! The more audience you get, the easier your promotional efforts will be.

Promote your music with Social Media

Telling your audience on ‘Social Media’ about your music is a great way to tell them to follow you and your music on Spotify. If you isolate your music on Spotify, you have to struggle with random people discovering it and start following you.

 in Spotify
Promote your music with Social Media

So put time and effort into regularly posting appealing content on social media so that you will be able to attract a loyal following. Therefore, you can draw more traffic to your music on Spotify.

Consistently upload music on Spotify

As you know, the music industry is ever-evolving. Therefore regardless of how much popularity you have as an artist when you stop creating and uploading music, you will be forgotten shortly. It is necessary to regularly release your new music on Spotify.

Upload Music in Spotify
Consistently Upload music on Spotify

It is most musicians in the music industry tend to rise and fall with the ebb and flow when they release new music. But this strategy is not reliably good or successful. When your fans do not hear from you in a long time, they will be quick to jump ship and find another favorite artist who regularly releases new music. Bear in mind that your activity will signal the algorithm of Spotify

Make most of Ad Studio (Spotify Ads)

Ad Studio is the brand-new, advertising platform that facilitates it for anyone to directly create and manage Spotify audio ad campaigns. You can create audio ad campaigns from scratch on Spotify.

It also allows you to create audio ads of 30 seconds or less, so that users of the free Spotify app can listen to it.  It takes 10 minutes to build an audio ad campaign on Spotify.

Promote your music with Spotify playlists

The top tools for featuring artists are undoubtedly Spotify playlists, Spotify charts, and Spotify plays.

If you want to grow a piece of streaming music, keep in mind that playlists have a significant effect and play a vital role; digital music services like Spotify encourage curating playlists more than ever. You can create playlists for a variety of occasions or based on different moods. If your music finds a good place on one of the top playlists, it can get millions of streams and new fans for you as an artist.

Promote your music with Spotify playlists in Spotify
Promote your music with Spotify playlists

You can simply identify a proper popular playlist for your music, and pitch yourself to the curators. 
Furthermore, the playlists of Spotify are amazing because if you follow a playlist, once a track is added to that, you will receive get a notification. 

Tip: Ignore the sites that sell you artificial plays in case you are serious about your music career. They are uselessly costly and your account banned might get banned.


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