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How to Make Playlist Folders on Spotify: Manage Playlists Efficiently

You might be wondering how to organize albums on your Spotify. You can make Spotify playlist folders if you are a well-disciplined and organized person. With playlist folders, your playlist will be efficiently ordered so that you can find them as fast as a flash. Accordingly, your Spotify library can be managed adequately. In this post, we are going to discuss how to make playlist folders on Spotify and also add playlists to them.

Of course, creating folders in Spotify is now possible on the desktop app and the web but not in the app of the mobile device. Now. Let us jump into the details.

Best Way to Organize Playlists

When you want to transfer Spotify playlists into folders,

1. Open Spotify desktop app or the Web Player via,

2. On the left sidebar, right-click a playlist of your choice, 

The left sidebar Spotify
On the left sidebar, right-click a playlist of your choice

3. Select ‘Create a folder,’

Select Create a Folder in Spotify
Select Create a folder

4. Right-click the ‘New Folder‘,

5. To put a name for it, select ‘Rename‘,

Select Rename in Create Folder on Spotify
Select Rename

6. Click ‘enter’.

Click Enter Create Folder on Spotify
Click enter

How to Maximize Spotify Playlist Folders

You can now add playlists to the created and named folder. To add a track,

1. Select the new playlist folder,

2. Drag and drop the track,

3. When the new playlist folder is selected, Release the drag and drop it into it,

4. If you are looking to make sure that the dragged list will settle in to it, check if it is encased with a colored rectangle.

Note: Users can land folders within folders. To do so,

Right-click a playlist folder,

Select ‘Create folder’ to have a new one within the folder,

Rename it as the above-mentioned,

Now you have an extensive Spotify music library!


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