How To Make Your New Launches an Instant Hit on Spotify?

Spotify has been widely renowned as a great music streaming platform. If you are a music artist longing for making your music an instant hit, then you must acknowledge Spotify as your launching base. Success in Spotify depends mainly on your backbone, not your wishbone. Thus, you have to make a precise plan for releasing your new music on Spotify. This article mentions 5 golden measures you have to take for making your new Spotify launches hit the jackpot. 

Table of contents

  • Plan an appropriate strategy in advance
  • Harmonize your Spotify profile
  • Launch campaigns
  • Run paid ads
  • Use the playlist submission tool
  • Final thought

Plan an appropriate strategy in advance

Appropriate strategy in Spotify
Plan an appropriate strategy in advance

You have to plan almost everything before releasing your song or album. This will help you maintain a clear vision of your success’ pathway. Consider the reality and do not immerse yourself in your dreams. If you are lacking an audience or views, you don’t have to worry anymore. Our social media stock service offers you a handful of optimizing packages for Spotify. You can check the details at the 

Harmonize your Spotify profile

Harmonize your Spotify profile

Your Spotify profile is a suitable tool to introduce your new upcoming songs or albums. Update your icon with your new music cover, generate playlists near to your music’s mood, change your bio and let your audience know that you are going to release a new piece of music.

Launch campaigns

If you want to make your music a hit, then you have to use your audience’s abilities. They can promote your music by pre-saving it, featuring it on their self-generated playlists, and introducing it to their community on social media. Run this sort of campaign shortly after your release. Encourage your audience by sending them feedback and comments. Do not hesitate to expand this campaign out of Spotify too.

Run paid ads

Launching ads on different social media before and after your song’s release can surely guarantee your financial success. Consider your budget and specify a part of it to make and distribute ads for your new release.

Run paid ads on Spotify
Run paid ads

It is crucial to remark that the more audience you attract then the more abilities you have in order to make the most out of your music on Spotify.

Use the playlist submission tool

If you have a Spotify for Artists account, then you can tell Spotify that you are releasing a new piece of music. You can use the playlist submission tool and therefore guarantee your financial success. There are important points to mention about your music in the submission process such as:

Playlist Submission Tool in Spotify
Use the playlist submission tool
  • Your launched campaigns for following and saving your music
  • The amount of money you are ready to pay for promoting your music
  • Your strategies to get more audience in and out of Spotify
  • This tool can direct the streams towards you by putting your music on your subscribers’ Release Radar playlists.

Final thought

Making and releasing music is nowadays all about business. You have to take strong strategies to boost your music’s success. Spotify and its algorithms have provided a safe platform for this goal. The tips mentioned above are all tested, guaranteed, and based on those algorithms. If you have difficulty using Spotify or looking for a variety of articles about promoting your Spotify account, you should follow our site for more informative content.


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