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How to Easily Get More Spotify Streams in 2022

Spotify for Artists: The Ultimate Guide to Boost your Streams

Having your music available on streaming sites such as Spotify is a fantastic opportunity for any musician.
It’s the beginning of a new era: your music will be available globally, and Spotify for Artists is here to help!
It’s also your chance to get added to a Spotify editorial playlist, which can jumpstart your career and help new followers to find you thanks to their amazing algorithms.
But what can you do to attract Spotify subscribers and boost your chances of being listened to repeatedly rather than just once?

Spotify is the undisputed leader in music streaming.

The statistics speak for themselves. Despite significant growth in competition (Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, and YouTube Premium), Spotify remains the undisputed market leader in music streaming, accounting for 36% of the market and having over 108 million registered subscribers (including over 83 million paid subscribers) as of June 2019.
Here’s a step-by-step guide to making the most of Spotify for Artists, including how to promote your music and increase your streams and visibility.

1. Spotify for Artists: The Most Effective Way to Increase Subscribers

Spotify is more than simply a streaming service that pays you every time someone listens to your song; it’s a place where music enthusiasts go to discover new artists to love.
When you upload your tracks to Spotify, your followers can find your music in a variety of ways, some of which you may not have considered:

The Most Effective Way to Increase Subscribers
Spotify for Artists
  • Look up your name and find your profile.
  • Algorithm recommendations
  • Placement in thematic and/or specialized playlists
  • Friend activity

That’s a lot of methods for people to discover your music and for you to increase the number of Spotify subscribers!

You can take a few steps on your own to get new fans and increase your streams. Let’s begin with the first step: certifying your artist profile on Spotify for Artists.

2. How to Set Up a Spotify Account for Artists

Once your music is on Spotify, all you have to do is go to Artist to be certified and acquire the renowned blue tick on your Spotify profile.
There is no longer any requirement to fill out a form or have 250 subscribers to be verified; verification is now open to all artists.

Follow the six steps below to claim your Spotify artist profile:

Step1- Navigate to the Spotify for Artists landing page.

Step2- Go to Request Your Profile and fill out the form.

Step3- Depending on your affiliation with the project, choose either the artist or the manager.

 Step4- Copy the URL from your artist profile using the share option in the Spotify app.

Step5- In the search bar, type the artist’s name.

Step6- Request Spotify for Artists access and confirm your identification by logging into your music project’s social media accounts.

Isn’t that straightforward? Verification times vary, but Spotify typically takes between two and six weeks to complete.
After claiming your profile, you’ll gain access to all of Spotify’s statistics, promotional tools, and profile customization options.
You’ll be able to view your listener count, conduct audience analysis, and discover who your admirers are.

3. Spotify for Artists: Tips for Creating a Complete Profile

  • Your Biography

A verified profile allows you to display your distinct personality.
You will be able to submit your personal profile images, a photo gallery, and a profile banner once you have claimed your profile. In addition, in your artist biography, you will be able to tell your tale (maximum 1500 words).

Writing a music biography might be challenging, but there are a few things you should include to present your project to the person who stumbles over your profile.
Give your audience a quick rundown of your background, music, and perhaps a few words about your most recent project.
Press excerpts and quotes are also useful ways to flesh out your musical biography. Above all, don’t forget to include links to your social media accounts so that you can be noticed and, in fact, increase your fan community!

  • Your Concert Dates and Merchandise 

One of Spotify’s features for artists also allows you to add the dates of your forthcoming shows directly on your profile, which connects you to SongKick to purchase the ticket.
So, if a listener subscribes to your artist profile, they’ll be able to see your upcoming gigs on their own Spotify dashboard. You can also post images and links to your merchandise.
Maintain them, and you should be able to sell more concert tickets, t-shirts, and records.

  • The “Artist’s Pick” Feature

“Artist’s Pick” is one of Spotify’s features for artists, and it’s likely the most strategic in terms of being updated on a regular basis.
This tool allows you to pin a song, an album, your next performance date, or a playlist to the top of your artist page along with a short text.
This is your chance to personalize your profile and share your inspiration or “hot news.”

  • The “Artist Playlists” Feature

However, you can also create personal playlists, which are referred to as “Artist Playlists,” which allow you to collect all of your current ideas, as well as your favorite music, in one place.

4. Promote your Tracks Intelligently with Spotify’s Data Analysis for Artists

Knowing who is listening to your music and where they are listening is critical when organizing an album launch, tour, or digital marketing strategy.

It’s understandable for an artist to prioritize musical production over everything else, but it doesn’t make it any less crucial to understand how your music is spreading.
And it’s especially worthwhile if you want to extend your audience. Spotify for Artists is a must-have tool for learning how your listeners interact with your music.

You can export some Spotify for Artist statistics as.csv files and get:

  • Audience’s chronological statistics
  • Songs’ table of contents
  • In Playlists, you’ll find a table of featured playlists.

You may also use Spotify for Artists to:

  • Obtain a snapshot of your monthly and/or daily listeners.
  • Examine how engaged your fans are.
  • You should be aware of who is listening to your music.
  • Learn how people listen to and find your music.
  • Determine the location of your fan base.

Knowing where your music is most popular, where you’re developing your audience, what songs people like most, when you’re added to playlists, or when your listeners push the “play” button is extremely helpful.
Of course, it’s even better if your statistics are available on all streaming platforms.

5. Understand the Challenges of Streaming and Master Tools like Spotify for Artists to Gain Subscribers

Streaming services and digital distribution are currently very heated subjects in the music industry. However, whether or not you participate in the conversation, the reality is that these platforms can link you with new listeners.

Regardless of how much you earn every stream, you should always consider how your project will connect with your listeners and gain new admirers.
Using the marketing and promotion tools provided by platforms like as Spotify for Artists is a terrific way to stand out from the crowd and get your name out there.


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