How to Crossfade on Spotify (Crossfade Tracks)

If you are an avid user of Spotify, you may want a gapless playback of the tracks in your playlists. To make that happen, you have come to the right place. This article discusses how to crossfade on Spotify both on desktop and mobile devices.

Fortunately, Spotify has a lot of capacities to help you control your music experience such as crossfading; it enables the users to play tracks consecutively with no pause between them so they will have a gapless playback experience.

Since the crossfade feature is not on by default, you need to learn how to crossfade on Spotify. Now, let us jump into the process and learn about it.

Table of Contents

  • How to Crossfade Songs in Spotify on Desktop
  • How to Crossfade Songs in Spotify on Your Phone

How to Crossfade Songs in Spotify on Desktop

  • Open Spotify on your computer,
  • Select your username on the upper right,
  • A menu drops down,
  • Select ‘Settings’ there,
  • Move to the end of the ‘Settings’ window,
  • Find and clock on the ‘Advanced Settings’ button,
  • Toggle on ‘Crossfade’ to turn it green.

Tip: You can simply increase or decrease the amount of fade (crossfading seconds) in between your music, just drag the white button along the slider next to ‘Crossfade songs’. 

How to Crossfade Songs in Spotify on Your Phone

  • Launch Spotify on your phone device, 
  • Select the ‘Settings’ icon on the upper right,
  • Find the ‘Playback’ on the ‘Settings’ page,
  • To set the crossfade your preferred duration Select the ‘Crossfade’ option,
  • You can move the slider between ‘OFF’ and 12 seconds to choose the amount of fade.
  • That is it. Your songs now will crossfade with that duration.


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