3 Techniques to Celebrate and Promote the Release of Your Musical Project in Spotify

Promote the Release on Spotify

Celebrating victories, big or small, is as important as planning for them. Yes, the release of a Spotify’s musical project is the beginning of a work of art! There are months of painstaking work, debates with your crew and fights with yourself, touch-ups, sudden events, surprises, plans, and strategies for your communication on social networks… While presenting it to the public, you need to complete this cycle, have fun and sell the release of your musical project. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman who likes to party or not: there is always a way to celebrate the occasion. And besides, you are lucky enough to be in a business enterprise where celebrating works…

Do you see what I am getting at? To sell the release of your musical venture (EP, album, mixtape) in a green way, you must indeed prepare an occasion! This is not only important for you psychologically, but also a way to gather people around your song and get them excited. In this way, you ensure that your reputation improves: word of mouth, gathering experts, visibility…

I am Theodore, editor-in-chief of NewTone Media, and I guide artists in their development. Drawing from private experiences and examples I have witnessed myself, I’ll share three strategies for having fun and selling the release of your musical endeavor.

1. The Launch Birthday Party

Celebrating the release of a mainstream or pop music venture: a big event.

The launch birthday party of a Spotify’s music project is the most obvious way to have fun. Some artists, like SCH for his album Rooftop or Jok’Air for Jok’Travolta, even go so far as to mediatize their birthday party. Events, VIP guests, three well-known caterers, butlers, decorations… If the label has the means, it is able to go very far. So far that it might seem inaccessible to you as an impartial artist. However, if you think about it, this staging fulfills very basic goals. It’s about inviting media and corporate experts to accompany and sell the discharge of your Spotify’s musical venture. They will leave with memories to tell, privately from their lives or publicly in the forums of their media to take the photo of the renowned artist.

The Launch Birthday Party in Spotify
The Launch Birthday Party

Celebrating the release of an indie song project: what a bonus!

The goal is to strengthen the connection with your network and inspire the media to sell the release of your Spotify’s music project. And that’s within your reach! For an artist who might have a thousand fans on Instagram, there are 30 to 50 who might be able to return to your birthday party for the release.
That alone is 30 to 50 comments that will mention you throughout the night and increase the visibility of your Instagram account. And it gets better: the next day, at work, in public, or at your local bar, these people will be telling others about the night they spent with you. Your friends’ first instinct? They subscribe to you on Instagram or Spotify. Digital communication strategies are powerful when you master them, but nothing replaces the spoken word, face-to-face communication, spontaneity, and efficiency of word of mouth.

In this launch birthday party, it’s important that you invite some professionals. With any luck, you’ll have reporters in your network or people who work in recording studios, concert halls, bars, festivals, etc. So use your contacts to get them to come back! Who knows, maybe it’s a risk for them to find out your song clearly and give you a chance? If you have determined that you know absolutely everyone involved in singing, find people who are approachable and likely to be curious about these types of events and singing! Journalists and founders of specialized media, aspiring beatmakers or sound engineers, young managers or students of the Spotify’s music industry… After an evening of taking note of your Spotify’s musical venture and witnessing the enthusiasm of your network, there’s a good chance they’ll want to work with you! And that’s when the months you have spent in the studio will pay off for you.

Celebrate the release of an independent Spotify’s music project: how do you do it?

Probably you are wondering how to prepare it? It’s quite simple, and not necessarily expensive anymore. Go to your favorite bar or one that you think is suitable. Often you can make the space private for a fee. This is an alternative if you have a little more money to spare and it will be more worthwhile than Google Ads. But be smart: choose a day of the week and find a bar that is not overly crowded… That way you’ll be in a very good position to negotiate: you’ll attract 30 to forty people eating on a night when the bar has few patrons! All you ask from them is the choice of the song that will be played that night and the right to make a speech thanking all the guests and presenting your Spotify’s musical project. Besides, why should you celebrate in private? Let the passers-by be attracted by the band and listen to your song at their own risk!

I happen to have been to many events of this nature and almost always people have been content to talk about the artist and their Spotify’s musical project on NewTone Media, which I run.

Does that seem plausible to you now? I wish it did. But if this form of event is not for you, do not worry! There are other strategies.

2. Listen to the birthday party in the studio with corporate professionals.

Let people find out about your song in the best way possible

Corporate Professionals
Listen to the birthday party in the studio with corporate professionals.

The best way to discover an album is to listen to it in the studio. High quality speakers, and an absolutely Spotify’s musical atmosphere, a restless feeling in the room with every sound. And above all, the best situations to listen to an album: from the first to the last track, without interruption, without doing the dishes, without the smell of the subway, without analyzing your emails at the same time.


Hey there! I'm Joey, I am 22 and started to work as a barista in a café lately. I do coffee arts, they are good, not bad but it still needs a lot of practice. I love music, especially rock and roll!

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