How to Build a Fan Base from Scratch to Get More Music Fans on Streaming Apps

No matter if you are a music artist, an actor, a celebrity makeup artist, or a spiritual guru; it is a crucial element to create a loyal, active fan base. Some claim that one needs a thousand genuine followers to make a living out of a music career. However, if you are a newbie, it is a tough task to get the first zealot fans. It is noteworthy that when you are going to keep developing, progressing more quickly, and becoming less likely to stop, it is impossible to make that happen without a strong, real fan base.

If you are not sure who a real fan is, keep on reading. Those who are related to a specific thing (in this case, they are enthusiastic about your music) as a part of their identity, are called real fans. They feel like a tribe with the same resonance. And the following quote by Richard Bach confirms why people need to be a member of a community: 

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”

For instance, the popular singer, Taylor Swift has her loyal fan base, the Swifties. Anyway, when you are going to have a strong fan base consisting of such loyal followers, it is crucial to create an emotional connection and share a common unspoken language with your subscribers.

Now let us discuss some tips to build a fan base of loyal followers from scratch.

Table of Contents

  • How to build your fan base
  • Convert strangers to fans
  • Do Social Media!
  • Do not be a robot
  • Create quality songs
  • Collaborate With Other Artists
  • Showing up regularly
  • Be Patient
  • Final Thought

How to build your fan base:

Convert strangers to fans

First of all, do not ignore the fact that all of the followers have been strangers before becoming a part of your tribe. So, your priority is to turn visitors into loyal followers and then own a powerful fan base.

Convert Strangers to Fans in Spotify
Convert Strangers to Fans

Since human being wants to feel special, you need to provide that specialty for them to build an emotional legacy. An emotional legacy is the elements that are conceptualized and role modeled during life. Of course, pretending does not work; you certainly need to live it!

How to make that happen? You should show them when you give value to a fan so that others can observe it; it can simply be replying to a comment, sharing the screenshot of a DM (direct messages), and a lot more of that. It is Ivan Pavlov’s Theory of Classical Conditioning that when someone has had interaction, you have rewarded it. As a matter of course, it can grow your fan base.

Do Social Media!

Do Social Mediaa in Spotify
Do Social Media

Doing social media can consist of posting quality content, commenting back, etc. When you are trying to build a fan base for your music from scratch, do not just leave a random post, it is necessary to put time and effort to create and share quality value-driven content.

Do not be a robot

If you monotonously post that Listen to my new track, no one would be convinced to do that. It is not a simple task to release an artwork including a song; to achieve success; they should be somehow mesmerized to listen to it without feeling that they are doing a forced duty.

Everything is psychology. The impressive factors are even your appearance, your interviews, your lyrics, etc. Try to entertain them by posting cool relevant stuff. By the way, do not fake it but fake it to make it. 

Create quality songs

The main crucial effort is to create a piece of awesome music before jumping into the marketing stage. Consider the interests, likes, and the thirst of your audience, and then create music in terms of your prospective potential followers.

Create quality songs in Spotify
Create quality songs

Simply put, do not misunderstand that if you learn about SEO, marketing strategies, and such things, you do not need to care about the actual product which is the music.

Collaborate With Other Artists

If you are trying to encumber and oppress with the heavy, laborious, or disheartening task of building a fan base build alone, it will be devastating. To make it easier, simply collaborate with other artists. It can organically expand your tribe.

However, consider the genre, the number of followers, and vibe similarity, and then create content according to the interests of both of you. To collaborate, you can go live shows, release feats, etc.

Showing up regularly 

Do not have a bipolar strategy. In other words, do not bombard them when you are releasing your music, or having concerts and then disappear the rest of the time. It is necessary to be consistent on social media. Schedule your content. “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” Dwayne Johnson quotes.

Be Patient

It takes time to promote a fan base of loyal followers. ‘Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.’ Joyce Meyer said.

Always keep in mind that you should make your goals into chunks and take small steps to achieve your goals. As we formerly mentioned, you need to have consistency in everything including growth, character, improvement, and actions to eventually build a real tribe of interested followers.

 Final Thought

Now that you learned what a loyal fan base is and how you can have one. You can build a fan base of followers and then turn that fan base into an engagement to get real revenue and value. The Pareto principle states that 80% of consequences (your sales) come from 20% of causes (your engaged fans). We hope you find the above-mentioned methods useful.


Hey there! I'm Joey, I am 22 and started to work as a barista in a café lately. I do coffee arts, they are good, not bad but it still needs a lot of practice. I love music, especially rock and roll!

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