Best Podcasts on Spotify to Listen

Top Podcasts on Spotify

These days with all the chaotic events going on in the world, there are only a few things we can do to keep our mentality safe and healthy. One of these things is of course entertainment.
When it comes to it, music, movies and books are the things we go to keep busy. Though, still the options are not limited to these.
If you are on Spotify, you may want to check out some of its amazing options. You may want to listen to some incredible podcasts.
Podcast are one of the unique ways to spend your time and fill your free hours. Not only they are of great joy and entertainment, but also they being a lot of insight and meaning to our lives.

Best Podcasts on Spotify
Top Podcasts on Spotify

We get to listen to some great people talking about their feelings, opinion, views, works, and everything else. Today, listening to podcast is just one known means of entertainment. 
However, it would be a bit hard to choose the podcast you want to listen to, since there are thousands and thousands of it! you may have many interests and that would make it hard to just settle for some random podcasts. Because let’s be honest, the content is overwhelming.
However, you should not despair! Today in our article we have brought you some of the beet podcasts you can find on Spotify…so stay tuned and follow the lines.

All Fantasy Everything

All fantasy everything in Spotify
All Fantasy Everything

In all fantasy everything, you get see everything treated as in players in a fantasy draft.  It is hosted by Ian Karmel, the late night TV writer. Also there are co-hosts and many amazing guests. It takes a hilarious look at different topics, and holds a view on various issues from odd and new angles. You can listen to them every Thursday. 

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast in Spotify
WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

Marc Maron, the we-known comedian, passes the time chatting with actors, directors, writers, musicians, authors and many other people from many other areas. The whole setting is super comfortable, since he invited them to his house. Everything is just typical interview style. However, this is more intimate and comfortable. He asks them about their life, experiences and the stories they have gone through. In WTF, you get to hear a very vulnerable and straight side of the guest. They are there to talk and express themselves and their feelings in a way they have never done on any talk show before. 

Stuff you Should Know

Stuff you Should Know in Spotify
Stuff you Should Know

The name somehow gives away the content of the podcast; Stuff You Should Know! This podcast is hosted by Josh and Chuck. What could we say more than that Stuff you should know tells you about the Stuff you should know! They go through many random topics so you will always have something interesting to listen to. The topics they cover are such as, Satanism, true crime, LSD, Chaos theory, Stonewall Uprising, Rosa Park and it goes on to plenty other topics and issues. This show will definitely give you some deeper insight into our world and everyday life. It will bring up old Topics and shed a new light on them. so make sure to check them out. 

In The Studio

In The Studio in Spotify
In The Studio

This one is yet another one in our best podcasts list. This podcast is brought on to you by the BBC World service.  It lasts for 30 minutes, and during you get to see inside the creative world of an artist. Here you can visit the artist and get a deeper look into their world, you can listen to them talk about their work and how they got to create it. each episode you get to take walk into an artist world and see what it takes to make a work of art. 

My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder
My Favorite Murder in Spotify

Now if you like mystery and crime, here you go! My favorite murder is about true crime, and the hosts share their favorite true crime stories. There stories they take from friends and family about hometown crime. If you enjoy detective stories, crime and mystery, murder and massacre, then this is the podcast you should go to!

Today, Explained

Today, Explained
Today, Explained in Spotify

This is a news podcast as the name suggests clearly. However, it is not a typical news podcast! This is for those looking for a way to get updated about the most important events of the world and the usual news podcast just bore them. the host goes through the news in a narrative kind of style. He takes your hands and walks you through different stories in the podcast and tells you what is going on in the world.  

Office Ladies

Office Ladies Podcast
Office Ladies in Spotify

Have you ever watched The Office? The famous sitcom? If yes, then you might go over the moon when you hear about this particular podcast! This is hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, two actors from the TV show itself. What you many notice is that this podcast is mostly like a trivia show! The office ladies tell you all about the office! They tell you about behind the scenes, about stories, and facts you might actually find interesting. Everything is being told by two people who have lived it, so not only you will listen to a great podcast about a great TV series, but also you will hear it with voice oi its two characters.

Still Processing

Still Processing Podcast
Still Processing in Spotufy

This one is more of a cultural podcast brought to you by The New York Times. Once you listen to its two hosts talking, it would be like you are listening to two friends discussing. They bring different cultural issues and cover them. these people are very cultured and well-informed about what they talk about. It was first made in 2016, and it covers every aspect of culture such as art, entertainment, dating, trends and many more. Each episode is about 40 minutes. This season too, they have already covered so many various topics. Now if you want to get to know the pop culture better and more, then you might actually enjoy this. 


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